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Ed. Note: (05/24/2008) It took us a bit of coaxing to get information from Selwyn, so we are posting this letter two days after it originally arrived.
(05/22/2008) HI
HI Please tell me what kind of moth this is many thanks

where was it photographed?

Plettenberg Bay

And where is Plettenberg Bay?

Ahaa you are not in South Africa. Sorry I took that for granted. Plettenberg bay is in South Africa

Thanks for that information Selwyn,
We scoured Kirby Wolfe’s excellent website to no avail. We can tell you this is a Giant Silk Moth or Emperor Moth in the family Saturniidae. We are contacting Kirby Wolfe to see if he can provide the species.

Update: (05/25/2008) ID for the South African Saturniid
I have contacted you before. Regarding that Saturniid from Plettenberg Bay, South Africa it appears to be Heniocha apollonia.

Hi Ryan,
Thank you for this valuable information. We managed to locate one website with two images of mounted specimens of Heniocha apollonia online, and it appears you are correct. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Update: (05/26/2008)
Hi Daniel,
The moth is Heniocha apollonia, the Southern Marbled Emperor, my favorite African moth. The one time I had eggs, the resulting larvae died for unknown reasons.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Unknown Saturnid Moth from South Africa identified as Southern Marbled Emperor

  1. CarynM says:

    Hi Kirby, read your comment that you had larvae from the Heniocha apollonia. Please could you confirm if the larvae looked like the one I found posted at ispot? http://www.ispot.org.za/node/178449?nav=users_observations

    be fantastic to hear from you, thank you
    kind regards
    Caryn (Hoekwil, garden Route, SA)

  2. CarynM says:

    thank you bugman, also tried his email.

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