I have found a yellow and black beetle in the desert
This is the only picture that i have of it.. the rest were all way to blurry as i was following it around with my camera trying to get a perfect shot..It is the first time I have ever seen anything like that.. I found it in the desert in 29 palms, ca. Oddly enough though after a few hours i spotted another one on the other side of the fence. it is a very pretty beetle.. and its very fast. Can you help me at all with identifing it?

he he he i have finally found it i looked for it through almost all the beetle pages… thanks tho!! maybe you can still feature the picture cause the clarity on it is amazing. how much detail my camera caught.. :] thanks

Hi Terra,
We are happy you located your Desert Spider Beetle, Cysteodemus armatus, also known as the Inflated Beetle, on our site without our help.

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