A house centipede, saved from drowning!
Dear Bugman,
I bring you good news and interesting story. Most evenings, my 2 daughters share a bath prior to bedtime. This evening my wife yelled at me to come to the bathroom during the bath as there was a ‘bug’ in the bath. I immediately thought house centipede. This was confirmed when at the bottom of the tub the centipede lay. My wife was upset and my daughter scared as I took it from the tub and brought it in the kitchen. It was limp and not moving, bad sign. I put it on a paper-towel and blew dried it. It ‘twitched’. I let it be for a bit longer, at times fanning it a bit, hoping that perhaps a bit more life would return. It was belly up and I decided to stroke it. It attached to me, most certainly a reaction to my touch. I wasn’t optimistic yet and decided to take a few pictures. As I finished taking the shots, I stroked the top of it. It starts to walk, slowly away! I capture it again for a few seconds, wishing to give it a good place to hide. I put it close to my kitchen door and gave it a nudge. He ran to the corner! I took a few more pictures of it in his hiding place. Let me know if you want to see the photos. Due to things that I have read on your website, I took extra ordinary measures to help this little guy out.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for sending us your exciting rescue account and also for supplying the requested photo.

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2 Responses to CPR on a House Centipede

  1. tarasisk says:

    OK, tell me about the House Centipede. I have found 3 in my house over the last 3 months and they really creep me out. The last one I found was today in my 2 year old son’s room. My sister-in-law spotted it, smashed it, (sorry, I read about the CPR) and told me to get an exterminator because their bites are really dangerous. Are they? I wasn’t even sure it was a centipede until I saw the picture. Fill me in.

  2. bugman says:

    Hi tarasisk,
    We already have plenty of information on our website about House Centipedes. Just go to the centipede section and read away. The bite of a House Centipede would not be dangerous, and we have only received one report throughout the years that even made a claim regarding being bitten.

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