Luna Moth
Rarely do I get to see large insects, being this far north, so imagine my surprise when one of my co-workers pointed out this moth outside of our office on 5/16/08. After some searching on your site (my favorite reference site) I discovered it was a Luna moth. Though the one I’ve taken pictures of seems to lack the translucent wings of the others you have. Also thought your readers would appreciate a size comparison for their own reference. Keep up the good work!
Dublin, Ohio

Hi Dan,
Our readership might appreciate the size comparison, but we appreciate the level of effort you took to achieve that sense of scale. Your photograph really appeals to our somewhat twisted aesthetic. Our favorite images always tend to be the ones that could never make it into a legitimate insect identification guide. Your photograph is truly artful. Thanks for submitting what is, to this date, the northernmost Luna Moth sighting of the year.

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