Black Witch on Maui?
Aloha –
Found this lovely moth under my house eaves today. Rested there all day. The winds blew it about but it never budged from this perch. The color of the underside of the eves is that lime green… The high contrast certainly helped it show up. That’s a 2×4 next to it in the first photo for size of wing spread. Exact location – Ha`iku, Maui, Hawaii. Date – 15 May 2008 Just wanting to be sure it is a black witch. Had no idea they were here… if it isn’t, what is it, please? Warm tradewinds to you!

Hi Eliza,
Indeed, you have photographed a Black Witch. We found a website with an excellent section on Black Witch mythology that states: “In Hawaii, Black Witch mythology, though associated with death, has a happier note in that if a loved one has just died, the moth is an embodiment of the person’s soul returning to say goodbye. “

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