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arrow headed flatworm
Hi Bugman
I came across an arrowheaded flatworm yesterday (14/05/2008) and was interested to see only one other reference that I could track down in Australia- which happens to be from last month from your site. I used your site to identify this worm. I came across this one as I was walking through urban bushland at 6.45 am. I must have brushed a plant as it was stuck to my trouser leg. Half its length is missing because it got squished before I realised it was there. However, in true flatworm form it continues to soldier on and the wound site has healed over after 24 hrs. I have not seen evidence of them in the Gold Coast area before. I think it might have beenout after a thunderstorm the previous evening.
Mandy Timmers

Hi Mandy,
Now we have two images of Arrowhead Flatworms from Australia on our site.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. faye hartshorn says:

    3 in black on top green on bottom don’t seem to do any damage. Just show up on cement. what is it?

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