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Dear Bugman,
First of all, you guys are awesome. I’ve sent photos of several different insects and arachnids your way and you always help out the best you can when it comes to identification. I commend you for always being courteous and prompt (when you can be). Now that I’ve done my quota of kissing butt, here are some more photos of critters I could use some help with. I only publish amateur photos on my website, so most of the time the species of creature is in question. Don’t get me wrong, I can tell an arachnid from an insect and an amphibian from a reptile, but whenever possible I prefer to positively identify a critter’s species. If you can even just point me in the right direction "order"-wise, I can probably find it. If you can give me the actual species…even better. Thanks in advance,
Stefan Bowers

Hi Stefan,
Most importantly, where are you located? This is some species of Ichenumon. We believe it may be a male Giant Ichneumon in the genus Megarhyssa. Your moth is one of the Sphinx Moths, but we need to research what species. We are posting yout two insects separately as putting different orders in one posting complicates our already disorganized archives.

Update: (05/11/2008)
Hi, Daniel:
A couple quick corrections to recent postings, if I may: The “Unknown ichneumon wasp” is NOT a male of Megarhyssa. Most ichneumon wasps are essentially impossible to identify beyond family from an image alone. Even specimens can be problematic! The one imaged here resembles the genus Ophion, but in no way can I be positive of that. … Cheers,

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