Please help me figure out what these bugs are! I recently moved from NY to NC and was warned that there are alot of bugs down here – I just didnt thing I would be dealing with them so quickly! I moved into a new-build house about a week ago and the day before yesterday noticed these tiny tiny little blackish bugs on my laundry room floor. I now also have them along the back wall in my kitchen. Upon inspection of my patio, which is on the other side of that wall, I was appalled to find hundreds of these bugs. They do not fly and they stay on the floor – they dont crawl up on table legs, walls, cabinets etc. I initially thought, after looking through your site, that they might be springtails but these bugs do not jump like people were saying springtails do. Please help me find out what these are and how to get rid of them – the bug spray i bought did nothing! I am getting the weeby-geebies!! Thank you!

Ed. Note: We incorrectly identified these Springtails as Booklice, but then the following letter arrived and corrected our error.

Correction: (05/26/2008) not a book louse
After looking closely, I think that your book louse is a collembola. … at the top of the page, the dark bug facing left on a white background. I think this because I’m looking at both under a scope at the moment. Check out the antennae – lots of medium-length segments, like a collembola, rather than a short scape and long thin flagellum like a book louse – and the shape of the head, which seems much more like a collembola as it is not wider at the base than the tip, the way a book louse is. FWIW,
Liz D. (small bug newbie)

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