made me late to work today
Brown wings underneath. I’m in Eversly, UK on business I threw it outside after taking a couple of pics. What was it?

We have to confess that posting letters to our site has made us late for work on more than one occasion. Glad to hear it has the same effect on our readership. This is a Cockchafer, also known as a Billy Witch. Read more on Wikipedia.

Edibility Update: (05/12/2008) Cockchafers: Totally Edible
Greetings Daniel,
Hope things are good with you. Cockchafers are one of the few European insects with a history of consumption — both the grubs and the adults. This is from the classic “Why Not Eat Insects?” published in 1885 by Vincent Holt: Literally tooth and nail we ought to battle with this enemy, for in both its stages it is a most dainty morsel for the table. . . . Again I endorse from personal experience. Try them as I have; they are delicious. Cockchafers are not only common, but of a most serviceable size and plumpness, while their grubs are, when full grown, at least two inches in length, and fat in proportion . . . . What a godsend to housekeepers to discover a new entre to vary the monotony of the present round! . . . Here then, mistresses, who thirst to place new and dainty dishes before your guests, what better could you have than ‘Curried Maychafers’ – , if you want a more mysterious title, ‘Larvae Melolonthae a la Grugru?’

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  1. mardikavana says:

    It appears to be a melolontha melolontha male.

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