What’s this bug?
Hi Bugman!!
We love your website!! Anytime we want to know what creepy crawly is crawling around, we seem to find it on your site. We are having a hard time finding out what this is…. I thought it might be a Hellgrammite, but our bug doesn’t have enough legs and we don’t live anywhere near water. It crawls kind of like a catapeiler, but has pinchers. It’s like a morph of some kind of millipede or something. Anyway, we live in the high desert in California and we have had a bit more rain than normal this season. We have butterflies galore and with the butterflies came these bugs. I have never seen them before. They are only out in the day. I looked everywhere to take a picture at 8:30 pm and was amazed to find only one straggler in our garage. They are everywhere in the day, especially climbing up the walls outside. I will try and send a better picture of one from the daylight. This one seems small compared to the others I have seen. Anyway, I’m sure you know what this is and we are curious to know. Thanks for all your help and for putting together a great and informative website!!!!
The Kibbe’s

Dear Kibbe Family,
You might not think to try to identify this Caterpillar Hunter on our beetle pages, but it is a beetle larva. Caterpillar Hunters in the genus Calosoma undergo complete metamorphosis, and the larva look nothing like the adult, but unlike many insects that undergo complete metamorphosis, the larva and adult both have the same diet. They eagerly consume any caterpillars they encounter, which makes them a valuable natural control to caterpillar overpopulation.

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