(05/09/2008) Job well done! 🙂
Dear Daniel & Lisa Anne,
I’m a freaquent reader of your site since I’ve come accross it some months ago. Even though I’ve never submitted to your website, I find it very interesting and informative. I must admit I was horrified to come accross your Nasty Reader Awards tonight however and had to speak up. To think people still behave this way is absolutely unthinkable. They think nothing of sending such insulting e-mails and have no patience what-so-ever without even knowing who they’re speaking to. Thinking since they don’t know you and will never have to face you, then there’s no consequence or reason to feel any remorse for their rude behavior! It’s embarrassing. So I wanted to let you ladies know how much I appreciate your hard work and devotion to your site and your fans. Even though you have such demandig carreers (which I’m sure take up most of your time to begin with) you still find time for your loyal (and not so loyal) fans. Well done ladies! Keep up the good work!

Thank your for your thoughtful letter Val, but the last we checked, Daniel was still a man. Your theory of face to face confrontation stretches much wider than just the internet. We have long believed that people feel isolated while driving their motor vehicles, and this isolation contributes to road rage. We personally always seek eye contact when attempting to change lanes in a difficult traffic snarl since many drivers tend to ignore a turn signal, but will rarely ignore a face with a pointing finger. Modern day warfare is another excellent example of what can happen when we lose touch of the fact that people are individuals.

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