Say's Stink Bug

Shield Looking Green Beetle in Colorado Hi Bugman, Great Site! I looked through all of the beetle pages and could not find this. I also googled beetles native to Colorado and mostly what I found was the june beetle and potato beetle. I am stumped? I live on the front range of Colorado and found … Read more

Sun Spider eats Beetle

Solpugid For years I had thought that Solpugids were ‘Vinegaroons’ because when we moved up here (Mojave Desert) that is what we were told. We were also told that they if you were biten by one, you’d taste vinegar for a week or two. I know better now and I am very, very jealous that … Read more

Periodical Cicada: Brood XIV

Very Cool Cicada Picture This little guy had just popped out of his shell! Rich Hetzel Loveland, ohio Hi Rich, We are thrilled that you have sent us a photo of a Periodical Cicada, sometimes called a 17 Year Locust. This year Brood XIV will be making appearances in KY, GA, IN, MA, MD, NC, … Read more

Sooty Longwing

Male Ensifera??? Well I believe this is of the suborder Ensifera but I’m afraid I can’t even identify it to family. It was found in the Tinajas Altas mountain range in Yuma county Arizona singing in an Ironwood at night. Any help in identification would be appreciated. Thank You Scott Trageser Hi Scott, We believe … Read more

Bee Fly

Bugs are fun Hello, I’ve been living in central Georgia for the past four years and I’m amazed by all the different species of insects that are out here. Can you please identify this flying bug for me? Dan Hi Dan, We knew it was a fly, and suspected it was a Bee Fly. We … Read more