Eastern Tailed Blue

Eastern Tailed Blue Hey Bugman, Wanted to say again how much I enjoy your web site. I just love looking at other people’s photos; especially of butterflies. I managed to see and photograph one of these little tiny butterflies today. I believe it is an "Eastern Tailed Blue." I know that others have photographed this … Read more

Carolina Satyr

Carolina Satyr Mr. Bugman, Just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoy visiting your web site and reading the comments by those who send in nice photos of butterflies they have taken. It’s such a nice relaxing way to spend a little leisure time. Taking my camera along and looking for butterflies while I walk … Read more

Blister Beetle from Portugal

Black insect with red stripes Hi, Just found the name of this bug: Meloe majalis. You can find some detailed information (if you’re interested) here: http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/taxonomy/meloidae.htm Michelle (04/28/2008) Hi again, I just found on the web some pictures of similar bugs. It seems to be a Megetra. However I did not find one looking exactly … Read more

Iron Cross Blister Beetle

Odd insect in Saguaro Park Dear WTB, I took this in Saguaro National Park today, thought the pattern on the wings was unusual…any ideas? cd krall Hi CD, You have taken a most awesome photo of a most awesome insect, the Iron Cross Blister Beetle in the genus Tegrodera. Your photo has the aesthetic of … Read more


1 cm long Red Nematode-like Worm in the Pool Water I love your website, What’s That Bug. I’ve used it dozens of times to identify insects around my neighborhood and workplace. Now I’d like to try your amazing knowledge on these little wigglers! Every spring when opening our family above-ground pool, I find hundreds of … Read more