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Hi there, My name is Rachel and I live in Central Florida. Im always running into bugs but I often find myself wondering what they are exactly. All these may be very common, but I don’t know. Id be cool to find out! If it’s too many to ask about at one time, let me know! Thanks for your time!

While your photos of various caterpillars, robber flies and muskmares are very nice, we are truly excited by your photo of a Green Banana Cockroach, Panchlora nivea, also known as a Cuban Cockroach. This is an outdoor species that does not infest homes and is not considered a pest. You can read more about it on BugGuide. We frown on getting numerous images of different species in one email as it makes it difficult for us to post multiple species in different categories to our site.

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  1. crystal2012 says:

    I live in Newfoundland Canada, and I found one of these on a bunch of bananas my hubby brought home. I have it kept in a jar because I know it wouldnt survive the cold climate outside. Im really amazed!!

  2. Heather Bingham says:

    Hi. We live in East Sussex, England and my husband bought some prepacked bananas on Saturday from our local supermarket. I took a banana out of the bag and this “bug” fell out and started running all over my kitchen worktop. I am not a fan of insects at all, am actually terrified. I rang our Pest Control who said it was a Green Banana Cockroach and that they weren’t harmful and wouldn’t breed. He told me just to squash it. I haven’t but I have got it in a jam jar and am taking it back to the supermarket tomorrow for them to deal with. It is actually quite attractive.

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