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Carolina Satyr
Mr. Bugman,
Just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoy visiting your web site and reading the comments by those who send in nice photos of butterflies they have taken. It’s such a nice relaxing way to spend a little leisure time. Taking my camera along and looking for butterflies while I walk or ride my bike, is a fun way to enjoy the moment. I have seen this little “Carolina Satyr” many times but have not been able to keep up with it as it flutters low to the ground and just keeps moving. It doesn’t seem to stop anywhere long enough for me to take it’s picture. But, today was a different story. After spotting it flying, I followed it until it stopped in a sunny grassy spot along the path. It seemed not to care as I moved slowly closer to get a picture. I managed to get several good pictures as it profiled itself on a leafy plant perpendicular to the sunlight. It wasn’t there long before what looked like a “Fiery Skipper”, darted at it and it flew away. I didn’t see a picture of a “Carolina Satyr” posted on your web site and thought some might enjoy seeing a picture of it. It was photographed on 4/29/08 here in Charlotte, NC on one of the city’s Greenway trails. I am hoping that many more people will send in butterfly photos and comments so that more pages can be added to your Butterfly section. I love going there to look. Thanks,
Patrick Crone

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for sending your kind letter and your photo of a Carolina Satyr, Hermeuptychia sosybius. Readers who want to know more about this woodland and grassy meadow species can search BugGuide.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: North Carolina

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