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Attached are photos of a spider a worker at a local grocery store found in a bunch of organic bananas. He said the sider was inside a egg pouch with the spiderlings. He froze and destroyed the egg sac after he removed the adult. Is this a banana spider?

There are several unrelated spiders known commonly as Banana Spiders, including Golden Silk Spiders in the genus Nephila and Huntsman Spiders. One of the most commonly encountered Banana Spiders is Heteropoda venatoria, also known as a Giant Crab Spider. It looks like the spider in your photo might be a female Heteropoda venatoria.

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  1. I submitted a photo last night, and after researching your fantastic website, I believe it was a huntsman spider. Glad to know they are harmless even though I prefer not to shower with them! I loved your book review and hope it helps children not to become a spider phobe as I am. My great grandmother tried to teach me to like and handle them, but just never got over that fear. I can deal with, and find a lot of bugs interesting, but spiders are my downfall unfortunately.

    • bugman says:

      We will take a look at your image and attempt an identification. We were out of the office yesterday and did not read much mail.

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