Bee or fly or moth?
Hi Lisa and Daniel,
What’s That Bug is one of my daily stops–I love seeing all the new bugs people send in, and I have used your site to identify many insects I’ve photographed, not to mention just browsing through all the beautiful bugs in your galleries! I have an identification question for you. The last few days I’ve encountered these insects flying around the edges of a small open field behind the gardens at my college in upstate New York. They’re between a third and a half an inch long, and they are very good at hovering. As you can see, they’re almost bee-shaped and -colored, and their wings are clear with darkish veins, I think (it was hard to tell since they were always moving). It seems like a bee, but I’ve never seen a bee with legs that long. I know some moths hover and mimic bees, but I thought those species were larger than this. It can hover in place very precisely, which makes me think hoverfly, but they’re not usually furry. I’ve tried all of these descriptions on your site and on google, but no success. Any ideas? Thanks,

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the compliments. Your insect is a Greater Bee Fly, Bombylius major.

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