What IS this bug?
I wonder if you can identify this beastie? We live 30 miles south of Paris in France. I have looked in all my books and on the web but find nothing like it. The only way I can describe it is a cross between a wasp, with thin yellow and black stripes, with a sting, but legs like a Daddy-Long-Legs. From head to sting it was about an inch. I look forward to hearing from you Regards
Anna Mc

Hi Anna,
All we can tell you is that this is some species of Crane Fly in the family Tipulidae , but we do not know the genus, nor species. It resembles our North American genus Ctenophora as pictured on BugGuide.

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  1. Katie says:

    Hello, I found one of these in my kitchen, didn’t want to touch it as it looked like it had a stinger on the end of its body.I have never saw anything like it before, is it safe?? As I know that crane flies are quiet poisonous?? I asked my dad as he is familiar with bugs but he had never seen a crane fly like this either :/

  2. lucy says:

    I found that same fly in my house in the conservatory but we live in the Lake District. We picked it up in a glass and checked it out but we have never seen anything like it ?

  3. Bill Bryden says:

    Just found one in Lumsden Newfoundland Canada. Never seen it before.

  4. jonathan scott says:

    Found one today winsford cheshire englang

  5. Ben Biggs says:

    Found one today in St Albans UK

  6. Matt P says:

    Think I’ve found one in Leeds, England. Looks pretty scary to me!

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