arrowheaded flat worm
Dear Bugman
Attached is a photo of an arrowheaded flat worm that we found in our garden tonight. It was about 10 inches long. We found your web site to identify the worm and found the information very interesting. We have lived in this suburb of Sydney (Australia) for 36 years and have never seen this before. Have you ever had any other feed-back about this worm from anywhere else in Australia? Thank you,

Hi Valerie,
Thanks for sending us your documentation of the Arrowheaded Flatworm, Bipalium kewensis. Since the species was discovered in a greenhouse in the Kew Gardens near London in 1878, it is unknown where the actual country of origin is. Probably because of the spread of greenhouse plants, and their use in warm damp gardens, the Arrowheaded Flatworm is now found in many parts of the world. We believe this is our first report from Australia.

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