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You wanted C regalis pupae photos? 🙂
Hi Bugman,
Love your site. I’m sure your comment that you don’t have many HHD pupae will prompt a flood, so I’m adding to it. I also have a couple of moths from Taiwan for ID I’m attaching: 1st: appears to be an Arctiid, tried searching with “clear winged” / “Taiwan” and did not locate anything. Location: Sun-Moon lake, Nantou county 2nd: attracted to lights at ~ 3000 ft. Location: Nantou county Thanks for your thoughts. Photos taken with Sony DSC-H2, auto, macro mode, cropped and resized with Microsoft Paint.

Hi Ray,
Your letter is so funny. We were hardly deluged with photos of Regal Moth or Royal Walnut Moth Pupae, but we did get two submissions. Your photo is wonderful. We have been very busy and are way behind in posting new submissions. We will try to address your Arctiid questions in the future.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Rayalan Golden says:

    I found something that looks exactly like the pupae in your picture in my garden a few weeks ago but I live in the northwest corner of Washington. I put it in a plastic container with some soil and plant roots so that I could look it up but I didn’t get around to it. Now, at least three or four weeks later I have a winged insect in the container. It’s furry with clear wings and is mostly black. However, it has white shoulders and a white stripe at it’s mouth. It also has a gray triangle on it’s back, just below the shoulders, lighter gray stripes a little below that, and two white spots at the end of it’s abdomen. It’s eyes look to be a very dark red or black and it has a thick proboscis. If anyone could help me identify it, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Ann Waters says:

    The weirdest thing happened today. the cat caught a chippie and brought it in to the garage where we were sitting and dropped it on the floor. she cuffed it a few times but it was dead so she walked away and left it. about 5 mins later I got up to get rid of it and there was a black thing about an inch long moving on the floor, I believe it was some sort of pupas. it was alive and I couldn’t figure out where it came from. it was slowly moving away from the chippie. I went into the house for a few minutes and when I came out there was another one on the floor and it was moving too. so I looked at the chippie and there was another one coming out of her birth canal. that is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. they were not baby chippies they were black and rigged. I looked it up on the internet trying to figure out if those things can grow inside an animal. didn’t come up with much. one site was talking about a ‘host’ for pupas but they really didn’t detail it enough so I could figure out if this happens to animals. maybe the chippie ate something that had pupas eggs and they grew inside of it. don’t know. they were black and more ridges, about 3/4′ to 1′ too.
    they looked like this but were black and more ridges, about that size too. tried to attach a picture but i couldn’t past it into this comment.

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