‘Green Comma" butterfly
Hey Bugman!
I took my camera and rode my bike on a trail here in Charlotte, NC. on April 9, 2008. I was specifically looking for butterflies. I happened to spot this one sunning itself. It’s not a perfect specimen. When I got home and looked it up in "Field Guide to Butterflies of North America" by Kaufman. The closest I could come to identifying it was a "Green Comma." I couldn’t get a profile picture of it. I looked at the geographical location as shown in this book and it doesn’t really show it flying this far south. Is this rare to find this one in North Carolina? Anxiously awaiting your reply,
Patrick Crone

Hi Patrick,
We are afraid we may not be much help. We agree this is one of the Comma Butterfies in the genus Polygonia, but we are not sure which one. Have you eliminated the possibility of it being an Eastern Comma, Polygonia comma? there is an image posted to BugGuide with a similar spot pattern. The much rarer Green Comma, Polygonia faunus, has been reported as far south as Georgia according to the Butterflies and Moths of North America website, so you are in the range. We don’t feel qualified to give an exact species identification on your specimen.

Thanks for your quick reply. After looking more closely at the winter form of the “Eastern Comma”, I believe that is what it is instead of a “Green Comma.” It would have been nice if I could have gotten a profile picture of it. I tried to look on your web site yesterday and there were no pictures available. I will try again later.
Patrick Crone

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