Spastic Attacker?
Hello Bugman,
i came into work this morning and this big bug was just waiting for me. He can fly, he is two and a half inches in length. He has claws that you can see in the picture what is he?????!!!! he ambushed me by flying but he was moving too fast and hit the garbage can. He then proceeded to walk around as in a daze. i ran to get the raid. so this is him dead,(sorry had too). We are located in South Florida, Sunrise to Be exact near the Everglades. we also use many chemicals in our facility…is this some weird mutation? whatever it is it scared the living crap out of me. Thank you,
Andy Kake

Hi Andy,
This impressive insect is a Giant Water Bug or Electric Light Bug, though our favorite name for it is a Toe-Biter. They will bite, and the bite is painful, but they are really harmless. In our mind, this is a case of Unnecessary Carnage. Toe-Biters are aquatic insects, and in the event you are interested, they are edible and considered delicacies in Thailand.

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