What’s this bug?
Hi there bug guy,
Hope you can help me name this bug my son found outside on our fence. I’ve never seen this beetle before. He’s really cute, but he has a very loud and very scary hisssssss. My cat was not impressed by him at all 🙂 Is this bug native to where we are? Northern Territory Australia. And can we keep him as a pet, or should we let him back in the garden? Can we handle him? Carefully of course. Or is he poisonous, a biter? Thanks for any help you can give us.
Sarah and Dylan.

Hi Sarah and Dylan,
Though your photo is quite blurry, we believe this is Haploscapanes australicus, a somewhat rare Rhinoceros Beetle from Australia. Sadly the angle of view and image quality leave room for doubt. You can feed your pet ripe fruit, like bananas, but probably it would be best to release him in the hopes he will find a mate.

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