Many thanks for your help with the identifying of our seed bugs but once more I am seeking your help. As ‘trainee crop growers, we live in Southern Spain and found this wandering along the ground nibbling at most things green. Can you identify it for us please. Best regards

Just want to say that I am sorry and should have checked ALL of your site before asking the question.
I now know that it is a spanish blister beetle, but does it do any harm to plants or humans?

Hi Maggie,
We are happy to hear you identified your Spanish Blister Beetle using our site without our assistance, since we are starting to get more and more letters again as summer approaches. Adult Blister Beetles eat plants, and can get very numerous at times. They can do significant damage. Larval Blister Beetles often feed on Grasshopper Eggs, which is beneficial to farmers. We feel the Blister Beetles are important contributors to the balance of nature. Many Blister Beetles exude an irritating chemical compound that will cause blisters in humans. We have never taken the time to correctly identify this Spanish species, but it looks nearly identical to the genus Megetra found in North America.

Update:  April 4, 2010
We have just identified this species as the Red Striped Oil Beetle, Berberomeloe majalis, based on information on the Wildside Holidays website.

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