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Please help to ID this insect
I came across this moth-like insect in Chintsa East, a coastal village in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province during March this year (late summer/early autumn). It looks a little like the American oleander moth, but is obviously not the same thing. Someone suggested it might be a Euchromia Formosa , but the pictures I’ve seen of those look a little different, especially in the number of red bands. Any idea what this is? Regards,
Iain Scott

Hi Iain,
The suggestion you provided for us, Euchromia formosa, though not correct, allowed us to quickly identify your moth. We searched other members of the genus in South Africa, and discovered the Pleasant Hornet Moth, Euchromia amoena. This group of moths are excellent wasp mimics.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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