What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Do you know what this caterpillar is?
My preschool class found this caterpillar on our playgound near the base of an oak tree. I have tried to find out what it is, but I can not find a match for it. We would love to know any information you can provide us about our newest classmate, Greeny (The kids named it). Thank you
Kristina Ajoy and KinderCare Learning Center 1193 Preschool class.
Orlando, Florida

While trying to substantiate our belief that this is a Ficus Sphinx Caterpillar, Pachylia ficus, we were shocked and dismayed to find the exact photomontage posted to BugGuide in 2006 and credited to another photographer. Without trying to pass judgement, we find ourselves wondering who the author of these images is, the photographer with the BugGuide posting from 2006, or preschool teacher Kristina Ajoy of the KinderCare Learning Center 1193 Preschool class in 2008. It is surely a mystery, and we also can’t help but wonder if two people can take identical images two years apart. Even more paradoxical that they would both name the file with the identical name. Coincidence or Plagiarism? You decide.

HI, I saw the reply to the image I sent regarding the caterpillar my class and I found. I do not own a Digital camera so I did use that image for a visual referance for you. I had no intention of Plagiarism. It was a beautiful image the the caterpillar and I thought it was help you identify it. I am sorry if the use of the image has caused any problems, and I was not aware that I need to add referances to images sent in. I am truly sorry.
Kristina Ajoy

Thanks for the explanation Kristina,
If you borrowed the image from BugGuide, then we don’t understand why you needed an identification. Also, tryng to match a species that you saw to another photo is not a guarantee that the species will be correctly identified. We generally expect that photos are sent to us by the originators of the images, and we would normally not post an image that was taken from another website. After spending about 20 minutes researching your request, we felt it would have been a total waste of our time to not post the image. We needed to make very clear to our readership the ethical questions that posting a photo credited to another website and photographer presented to us.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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