Braconid Parasitized Caterpillars from Australia

Hairy caterpillar waiting to be eaten by hatching ?wasps Dear Daniel, On several gum trees in our yard there are these batches of white eggs, each batch bearing a paralysed hairy caterpillar. I don’t know what the insects in the eggs are, but am assuming some type of wasp will hatch out. In the first … Read more

White Lined Sphinx Caterpillar

caterpillar picture attached I saw this caterpillar in Anzo-Borrego Desert in southern California last week. Curious if you know what it is. Pictures attached. paul Hi Paul, With the desert wildflowers being so spectacular this year, there is plenty of food for plant eaters like caterpillars. We expect to get numerous queries regarding your species, … Read more

Mouth Full of Meal Moths!!!!!

Worst Bug Story You have an amazing site; I have spent the last three hours looking it over. Before I share my awful bug story, I would like to suggest an idea to your readers who experience ladybug invasions. You mention that they can vacuum the ladybugs. Yet, why waste good ladybugs that are just … Read more

Male Crevice Weaver

Spider – kukulcania, southern house spider? Hi WTB, We saw this spider on the side of our apartment in Las Vegas, NV. We’re not entirely sure what it is, but the best we can identify is the perhaps Kukulcania hibernalis (or loxosceles, but we hope not!) You can see in the picture that it has … Read more