Cecropia Moth Cocoon

What was that bug? Hi Bugman ! I was recently visiting my folks in Maine, this cocoon(?) was in a maple tree in the yard. It is probably about 5 inches long. What do you think? Pondering in Portland, Jim Hi Jim, This is a Cecropia Moth Cocoon. The small hole in the second photograph … Read more

Carrion Beetle

Interesting little character. Sorry if you’ve identified this bug before, but it is difficult to root through your webpage. It’s sort of like being told to look up the word psychology in the dictionary to learn how to spell it if you don’t know what it starts with. Anyway, if you could identify it, I’d … Read more

Red Admiral

Red Admirals, Bay Shore, NY I know you prefer current photos (as they are found) but it’s still too cold here in NY for most of the insects to come out. I am waiting eagerly for them to show up! Here are a couple of Red Admiral photos from last summer(2007) when they came to … Read more