Dull Firetip Skipper and website suggestion
Hi. THANKS for your great site. It is my favorite website on the internet. I have a photo of Dull Firetip Skipper (Pyrrhopyge araxes) that I think you might like. It was photographed at Harshaw Creek, AZ. I believe that this is a new species to your site. I also have a suggestion. I think that a page devoted to Black Witches on your site would be good. Thanks.

Hi Noah,
We really appreciate your kind letter and the photo of the Dull Firetip Skipper, which we are guessing was photographed in 2005 based on the file name. Often when we get website suggestions, we cringe because people are trying to suggest things that are incredibly labor intense. Your suggestion of a Black Witch page is easily manageable. We will need to find old entries from the archives, but amusingly, a new letter with photos just arrived.

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