Nasty Reader Award
For being educated women, your behavior in giving and posting your abusive rant against a reader who made an insulting comment is reprehensible. It was immature and spiteful. Inviting other viewers to contact the women you are angry with is vengeful and abusive. You should be charged for your violation of these women’s privacy. I hope they contact the police and your internet provider and although you are providing a valuable service, I hope your site gets shut down until the two of you grow up or learn some mediation skills. Shame on you for abusing your position.

Hi Terah (name taken from email address but not signed on anonymous email),
We will not be posting your email address to sic our readership on you directly, but we want to come to our own defense in this matter. It seems you want the book thrown at us and feel the judge should show no mercy. We never invaded anyone’s privacy. We did not seek out any random person to have an “abusive rant against.” People who write to our site do so with the understanding that letters are posted. If someone writes to us, we feel we have the right to respond, and our forum for response is an online posting. We are not cyber-stalking anyone, merely responding to a letter. We doubt that the cyber-police, the LAPD in our local station, nor our internet provider will find anything illegal in what we have done. We are providing a free and entertaining service, and we resent being attacked. People who want their privacy maintained should not be sending virulent emails to websites, and if they do, they need to accept the consequences of FREE SPEECH, our first amendment in case you are not educated enough to know about it. Regarding our maturity or lack thereof, we have always believed that a certain amount of immaturity is the key to youth.

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