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White Fat Grubs? Pics included!! Please respond ASAP!! Thanks!
While chopping wood in December, my dad stumbed upon 3 huge white grubs. I wrote you guys immediately but got no response. I wound up keeping them. When my dad gave them to me, they were out of their holes due to my dad cutting them (the holes) in half. The next day, they had knawed back into the wood and covered the opening with what I’m guessing is a mix of saliva and wood shavings. Now as it is almost April, I was wondering what this grub (or insect) is before they pop out of their cacoons. If I shake the wood slightly, I can feel them moving about. Characteristics: Off white VERY small head Black line running down back 6 small, almost nonexistant legs right behind head Thanks!! I hope they are some sort of beetle!!!

Hi Cammy,
Sorry we didn’t get to your first request. These are Cerambycid Beetle Grubs, or more specifically, Prionid Grubs. Not sure what species as you did not identify the tree nor your location. Your photo is awesome.

The grubs came out of a water oak (similar to a live oak) in Tampa Florida. The species name would be greatly appreciated.

Our best guess is Prionus imbricornus, the Tile Horned Prionus, which ranges in Florida and feeds on oak as well as other trees, shrubs, vines, and according to BugGuide, maize. This is a large and handsome beetle.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Prionid Beetle Grubs

  1. allen says:

    Can you eat them?

  2. richard portman says:

    Those grubs are edible and tasty. Only a few times i have helped processs some trees from Cedar Mountain, southern Utah. We would find these and also “flathead” grubs(buprestid?).
    I could never eat them raw because of the goo factor. But they are delicious after you toast them for a minute or two. They taste like pine nuts. I would like to eat them again.

  3. gregory walker says:

    I found the same type grub in the stump of a tree that I was removing from my parents lawn. I believe it was an oak tree of some type – as I only had the stump of that particular tree and the other trees to go by…

    That grub was about 3 inches in length and is what my nightmares are made of.

    Give me wild carnivores or poisonous snakes over those creepy looking things any day

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