Hello, Bugman!
We took these pictures last summer at a resort in Mexico along the Riviera Maya. I have been unable to identify this butterfly. As you can see, part of his wing is missing. Please tell me!
Denise L. Burket

Hi Denise,
We have spent far too much time trying to identify your butterfly, with no success. We visited many comprehensive sites, but remain luckless. The best we can do is to say it is a Brushfooted Butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. Providing both an open winged and closed winged view seemed like a surefire tact for identification success. Perhaps one of our readers with some spare time and continue the search and provide an answer.

Update: Readers Find Answer…
(03/28/2008) Daniel – Unknown Mexican Brushfooted Butterfly
Hi Daniel:
Re: Unknown Mexican Brushfooted Butterfly (03/26/2008) I believe this is a red-ring in the Genus Pyrrhogyra. There are a few to choose from but I think I would go with the White-edged Red-ring (P. otolais); aka Otolais Red-ring and Double-banded Banner. There are a few good photos on the web, but you could try this one: http://www.mariposasmexicanas.com/pyrrhogyra_o_otolais.htm Regards

Unknown Mexican Brushfooted Butterfly I.D.
Hello Daniel and Lisa,
Exhaustive web searching has led me to the genus Pyrrhogyra for this butterfly. The pics I’ve seen are all quite similar, so I won’t hazard a guess as to which species. The photos have been from Mexico and Central America. Keep up the great work! Bugophile-ly yours
Bev Donnelly

… and finally, from the Querant herself:
I think I found my butterfly! Look at all these pictures! http://www.mariposasmexicanas.com/pyrrhogyra_neaerea_hypsenor.htm

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