Mysterious Bug
I wondered if you could help ID this bug for me. I am located near Cairns, FNQ, Australia. I have seen these in sedge grass near a local pond. They always have their wings in this position. I suspect they may be some kind of Cicada but have been unable to ID it so far.
Andy MacDougall

Hi Andy,
We solicited the help of Eric Eaton, and he wrote: “Fulgoroidea (planthoppers) that I don’t recognize more specifically!.” Coincidentally, your photos were also sent to us by a member of a photography forun where you must have posted the images. The other email also contained view from above that was not among the images you sent.

Update: (03/25/2008)
Unknown planthopper from Australia
Hi Daniel,
The insect might be a member of the Derbidae family, which live in the tropics and According to the CSIRO “The Insects of Australia” they include the Zoraida: “The body of the Zoraida is very short, but the wings exceedingly long and narrow.” Regards,

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2 Responses to Planthopper from Australia is Lydda elongata

  1. Andy MacDougall says:

    Just saw this again and thought I would add the confirmed ID

    It is Lydda Elongata

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