Polly Polyphemus Poses for Proper Portrait
What’s That Bug is the coolest site I’ve found this year! Nice work! After perusing your many great photos I find your contributors seldom get the lepidoptera to sit for proper portraits. Fortunately I have on hand many stunning portraits of Polly, the polyphemus moth who brightened our Michigan winter. Check the story on
She emerged by surprise in January from a larva collected on our front lawn last August. For two weeks she graced our household, clinging passively to our tamarind tree by day and raising hell by night, laying eggs on our windowsills and draperies. I think she’s a stunning specimen, spanning over 6" as you can see in one shot on the website.
Sterling Heights, MI

Hi Karl,
Thanks for your fascinating story. I hope our readership doesn’t crash your website with all the traffic. Your portrait of Polly reminds us of a Rembrandt painting.

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