do you know what this is?
I have been searching on several identification sites for the correct ID of the lepidopteran in the two pictures I have attached. I have been unsuccessful in my pursuits, so I am posing the question to you, "What is that bug?" This moth was photographed 24 July 2007 in Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas, Texas). I apologize for the lack of information, and there are no good pictures of the underside of the wings. I would love to know if you can still ID this lepidopteran!
Amy Jones

Hi Amy,
This gorgeous creature is a Black Witch, Ascalapha odorata. You photo shows what big eyes they have. Amusingly, we just received a request to created a dedicated Black Witch page, and we will start with your image.

Thank you!!! That was such a quick answer…I am impressed! Thank you for maintaining your website because it really helps the amateur entomologist!

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