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I love your site, and frequently recommend it. I have several pictures I want to send you, but I guess I should start with these since I don’t know what one of the spiders is. The Wooodlose/Sowbug killer I know from seeing it on your site. The big black one looks a little bit like a trapdoor spider, but not enough for me to think it is one. I have seen several of them in my basement apartment, living in the walls or under the toilet. I have seen them making their rapid way across the floor in my bedroom and bathroom. They are quite large for this area, at least as big as a large Garden spider. Any ideas? I live in Toronto, Ontario. These pictures depict an exciting and epic battle between a sickly Woodlouse spider and a huge dude who came out of my wall. The outcome was never really in doubt. The Woodlouse spider, with his misshapen abdomen and lethargic movements, was no match for the black spider. Even on a good day he would have been outmatched. Red got bitten in the legs a few times and dragged back into the wall. My sister describes this encounter as her ‘worst nightmare.’ I have a lot more photos of this battle. Thanks for any help you might be able to give. Through your site I have identified most of the critters I have found in my apartment.
Tara Murphy

Hi Tara,
Sorry about the delay. Since we knew we would have difficulty with a correct identification, we posted some easier responses ahead of you, but the rivotting imagery you provided stayed in the back of our minds waiting to post this letter. So, we have no answer for you, but are thrilled to post your images in the hopes that someone out there can identify the victor.

Update: (03/26/2008)
Hi, Daniel:
The male sowbug killer is being attacked by a hacklemesh weaver in the family Amaurobiidae, not sure which genus. Wicked fangs on both!

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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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