Worm I found in my back yard
Dear Bugman,
I find these every once and again in my yard. This particular one was in some clover that’s by by house shaded from the morning sun and it usually stays cool and moist there all day. I’ve previously found them under things like plastic soil bags and things of the like. They’re usually about 2 inches, but when you poke around at them too much they scrunch down to about half an inch and they have shovel-shaped heads. I live in South Louisiana, about 50 miles south west of New Orleans. Can you please identify it for me? Thanks,

Hi Lindsay,
Your letter is the second we received this week from Southwest Louisiana of an Arrowheaded Flatworm, a benign and harmless Planarium. WE have gotten reports of specimens from other parts of the world as long as 10 inches in length.

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