What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

I hope that you gte this.
HI Bugman,
I hope that you get this email as I had an awfull time finding a cntact place and the where it sent me to i couldnot figure out how to send from there, i am absolutley not a novice computer person. I am not realy sure what my question is, lol but i do have some fasniating pics of some box elder infestations for you, that I thought you might like ot see.
a little history in a nutshell. I am disabled, Myhusband had a horrific accident a year and a half ago. While he was in hospiatl for 23 days. I was very busy going back and forth out of town to see him and i noticed that my gravel driveway seemed to be " moving" it was odd, my sister asked what is that? i sai di dunno but have to go… I was in such a hurry, worry and had a child to take care of and wa sin pain. well,. a few days later i had to ask also what the heck si that? what are those? whats going on? and hwo do i get rid of them. red bugs started flocking my home. and they were all overthe door and every where. the worst part was i looked out the wiondwo through teh open garage door, about 100 ft away and saw that my husbadns tire truck, looked as if it was bleeding. well, i finlaly found out whatthey wer through your site. I love it btw, I got them under comtrol as bets i could during the time, i knwo you do not belive in exterminating but they were fallingon me when i entered the house, and it was simplky a free for all. also they were invading my out door dogs home, I captured this incidnce on digital photo or no one owuld have belived me. BUT! I assure you that i didnt do the situation justice as theywere moving so much under the gravels and even videotape didnt do our ifestation justice. it just shows a very mild case of what we were dealing with. what a nightamre. I knew they wer harmless but oh my! the amount of them i would say was aprox. 10 per gravel in my large long gravel driveway. when youkicked a stone they started flying stirring and going everywhere it was awfull, my dog was in the middle of thsi all and i had to move him away till i fixed teh problem, i also have sen and i dentified thanks to you many many spider in our middle tennessee home, I have captured many black widows borwn widows, hobos, they seem to just walk right into my door. i see them walking in. i have seen so many things here and identified the on your site. For this I thank you. It made me not fear them and i learned so very much. I do worry how safe it is with teh vast anount of hobos and widows and recluses i have here and i worry as my daughetr was also bitten i her sleep. bye an unknown spider i will also attach that pic as well. it went away but was never identified. I am quite concerned as sparying does nothing my husband and I are now both physically disabled and have tried very hard to celarout any debri and hidng places but they still come at the house non stop and pretty mcuh year around, i worry that my small dog will be bitten bye a dangerous spider as well. glue boards, and prevention are failing us here. i wil now attach the photos an dpray that this gets to you. Ido want to add that this am, while i was checking my emaisl i just had another spider walk right up to me iunder my feet, I captured it. i have not identified it yet. it is here next to me i a container. I have sen also the playing dead spiders they are somethig else lol.. and quite netertaining for teh grandkids and my child as well. our garage/ laundrey room is not safe if not done very properly and keeping the laundrey up high as teh spiders go right to teh clothing pile and this is right bey teh hous eentry door, but honestlythat doesnt seem to matter. i wish that i could identify and learn more about hwo to reduce the numbers of box elder bugs as they already are out in full force now i march. i am sure that tree is next door but i do have 5 large oak trees silver oaks i belive is what they are and tehy are damaged or diseased. i do not knwo if they are teh reason for these red bugs. but iw ould like to know if you could help me, also i have one diseae pear tree and an american holly tree out front. i have a lrage hoel out front with black widows in it and live across teh tsreet from a trin rail. could thsi be teh reason for teh hobos? i have a delapted barn out back far away from teh house but have seen many black and brown widows ther as well. so much so i have told teh kids to be very varefull out there and not go in anymore. i am starting ( slightly) to get the creepies. as i have tried all that was suggested that i can physiaclly do to just get them to sklow down here. I do not wish to kill them all but just get them under control and be safe to sleep without the on us at night. i vaccumm pretty much every day. sory so long i am sure if you post this you will have to edit it down. I am a little chatter box. also being in disability is as you may know , there are not enough fund for a proeffesional extermintair. I would like ot get a college proffesor if at all possible to teach some youth here but also hep me to get them under control that way it is a learnig experince and also, a possible help to me. and safety for us while we sleep. I also have some weird things in teh sand that i looke dup the name of them once that are super timy and they are under loose soil when something comes ther way they pull it under the sand or loose dirt that is sand like. maybe they are ther to eat teh spiders? i do not know but they are very small but there are many mnay mnay tiny little holes or mounds pf these thinsg all lined up under my front window sheltered bye teh eaves of the house. ok, I will end here i prmise! thank you so very much for you site it is wonderfull!!! sincerley
dawn h
Not the obnoxious one either! lol…. that was not very nice of her
P.s. i just downloaded some pics but ther are more. ihave lost some of my pics i wil see if this will go through if your intrested in more… that are even more boxelders in one locale letme knwo and i will keep searching. I have some how messed up my picsture files! i sure hope thsi goes trhough now lol i have spent about 45 mins on this. have a great day adn thank you for yoru informative and helpfull site!

Hi Dawn,
It went through, it all of its rambling glory, though we fear there was some jumbling along the way. It sounds from your description that you have a perfect environment for insects and spiders, and that you are doing an admirable job of cohabitating. We have gotten recommendations on the control of Boxelder Bugs that involves spraying them with soapy water. It is not injurious to the environment. The critters in the holes sound like Antlions or Doodlebugs.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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