Eight Spotted Forrester Photos
I found this moth flying in our home in northwest Florida and waited for it to land on a surface I could photograph — two days later, it finally did! I couldn’t ID it with our reference materials, so I searched the ‘net and found your website…very cool! Since you indicate that there are few photos of these beauties, you are welcome to post them–but please do not remove the photo credit ( © Lynne Shelfer) . Besides finding a useful resource, I was excited to learn that Lisa Anne and Daniel are from my home in SoCal (relocated about 10 years ago but return frequently). I have family, friends and former colleagues who are alumni from Art Center, LACC and SC.
L. Shelfer

P.S. I also included photos of a butterfly which I can’t ID. From a pix on your site, it resembles the Red Spotted Purple. Please confirm or correct. Thanks!

Hi Lynne,
You are correct on both of your identifications. Coincidentally, a day after your letter, we received another image of an Eight Spotted Forrester, but we have been so busy with work this week, we are a bit behind in both posting and answering letters. Your Red Spotted Purple photos are quite spectacular. We had a bit of a problem removing all of your images from the word document where you included the copyright information, so we had to go to the image file you enclosed. We do reduce the size of all images on our site to 72 dpi so if someone “steals” an image, it will not be of a very high quality. Since we post images with letters, and your name is in print, anyone who sees the image will know that you are the author.

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