Sachem Skipper Butterfly
I love your website! Thank you for your response a couple years ago about a trapdoor spider that I found here on Long Island, NY. Now I have a couple of skipper photos I took last summer in my mother-in-law’s garden. I was able to identify it through . I’m actually thinking of signing up to help out with them. It looks pretty neat. So here are a couple pics of a Sachem Skipper Butterfly! I am inspired to start taking more bug pictures now.

I don’t remember if I included where the skipper photos I sent were found. Soooo… The skipper was photographed in Central Islip, NY (Long Island).

Hi Tamar,
We cannot confirm nor deny that this is a Sachem Skipper, Atalopedes campestris, as we find the taxonomy of the Skippers positively mind boggling.

Location: New York

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