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unusual oak galls?
First, I love your site! These odd-looking galls appeared on some oak trees in my yard last year and they’re back this year. I can’t seem to identify them anywhere on the internet. I suspect they are wasps of some kind and don’t want to eliminate them if they’re harmless. My dog, a golden retriever, actually ate a few them today! GROSS! I assume since the squirrels eat them they must not be toxic. (?) Thanks in advance for any help in identifying what kind of creature is in there…
a bug lover

Hi Bug Lover,
We believe these are Oak Apple Galls, benign leaf galls produced by the Gall Wasp, Amphibolips confluenta, a “very small and dark cynipid wasps with an oval, compressed abdomen” according to a website we located. Another website indicates that several wasps produce Oak Apple Galls, also known as King Charles’ Apple. One species mentioned is Biorhiza pallida.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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