Botswana Moth
I was traveling in Botswana recently and took this picture but have not been able to identify the moth. It is sort of like the Emperor Moth of Australia.
Gerry Byrnes

Hi Gerry,
We are happy to once again have access to Kirby Wolfe’s awesome Saturnid Website, where we beleive we have correctly identified your moth as Pseudobunaea irius. We have tried contacting Kirby Wolfe directly to get verification.

Dear Daniel,
I’ve seen your website over the years. You do a great service to the bug-curious community. Regarding the Pseudobunaea, I believe that it is not irius. However, African species are not my forte, and I am presently spending the winter in Costa Rica where I do not have access to my diagnostic collection or reference library, so I am not qualified to give you the last word. I don’t know if you have access to Bill Oehlke’s site, but it’s likely that you could find a photo of your species there. Sorry to not be of more help. Regards,

After getting the reply from Kirby, we located another German website with other members of the genus Pseudobunaea.

Update: (03/21/2008)
The Pseudobunaea from Botswana might be irius, but I think it is more likely pallens.
Bill Oehlke

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