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Could you identify this insect?
Could you identify this insect? I have looked through the beetle section on your site thinking that it is some kind of a beetle or roach. There are quite a few interesting insects there. I enjoyed watching the different colors, shapes and sizes. I found a few that had similar form as this one but none had like the yellow hour glass on the back. We do live in Southern Mexico. I would love to know about the bug, is it dangerous? This is about the 10th one we have come across during our 12 years here. There are always beliefs but I would like the truth about the bug. Thank you for helping me out! You seem to really enjoy the varieties of the insect world! Great site!

Hi Anna,
In our opinion, you have cause for concern. We believe this is Triatoma dimidiata, one of the Blood Sucking Conenose Bugs known to spread Chagas Disease. According to Wikipedia, Triatoma dimidiata ranges throughout South and Central America, north to Mexico. Triatoma dimidiata and other Blood Sucking Cone Nose Bugs are Assassin Bugs, not Beetles. Members of this genus are also known as Kissing Bugs due to the frequency of biting victims around the lips.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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3 Responses to Blood Sucking Conenose Bug from Mexico

  1. drswanny says:

    This is Triatoma pallidipennis, a member of the phyllosoma complex of the genus.

  2. Michelle says:

    We were in the jungles outside of Huatusco Mexico and were bitten and made to bleed by an insect in the grass. We they are swollen and itchy 5 days later. Any idea what they could of been and what to watch out for? They were small and black in color. Not a mosquito or a flea. Thank you.

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