Red Spotted Purple?
Hello Bugman,
I was enjoying your website looking at butterflies and I think that what I thought was the Spotted Admiral Butterfly might actually be the Red Spotted Purple butterfly. Am I correct? I found this in my front yard in northwestern Louisiana in the midsummer part of last year. It had perched on some foliage that I had growing in my garden and just sat there and let me snap away with my camera. I saw where in one post, you said you were short on Red Spotted Purple photos, so sent these in. The last one is the front view of it. I also am sending you some pictures of the Gulf Fritillaries Butterfly. These were found on azalea bushes in my mom’s yard. She too lives in northwestern Louisiana across the street from me. These were taken in midsummer of the year last year also about the same time I took the photos of the Red Spotted Purple.
Nancy T

Hi Nancy,
Your Red Spotted Purple images are beautiful. The White Admiral and the Red Spotted Purple are distinct subspecies of the same species.

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