bug on windowsill
In the last week (first week of March), we have seen several of these tiny beetle-like bugs on our windowsill. We’re concerned that they might be from possible dampness in the wall – or are they from a house plant. It’s too cold here yet, so you windows have not been open for fresh air and bugs! Thanks for helping us identify this tiny bug. It’s about 2 millimetres long.

Hi Lauren,
This is an Anthrenus Carpet Beetle. It and its siblings have probably been living all winter in your home as fuzzy larvae, feeding on wool, feathers or fur, or some other animal product. Carpet Beetle infestations can do major damage to your valuables and are considered one of the most serious threats to natural history museum collections. Adult Carpet Beetles emerge in the spring and are attracted to windows. They feed on pollen as adults and are trying to get outside to feed.

Ed. Note: (04/04/2008)
It seems that daily we have been receiving multiple requests for the identification of Anthrenus Carpet Beetles, hence our decision to make them the Bug of the Month for April. These Carpet Beetles can be extremely destructive to museum collections as well as to natural fibers in the home. The larvae are fuzzy and are the destructive stage of the insect.

Carpet Beetle Larva
(04/13/2008) Carpet beetle larva from MN
Hello Daniel and Lisa.
Thanks to your site, which I visit almost daily now, I was able to identify a carpet beetle larva when I first saw it last year crawling up the wall in my room. Now I found another one this year in the same place and time, and now I have a better camera for getting a decent picture of it. I noticed that you made it the Bug of the Month for April, and the picture you have up there is a little blurry, so I thought you might like some clearer images. I’m still not sure of the species of this one though. I live in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Hi Joel,
Thanks for providing us with a sharper and more current image of a Carpet Beetle Larva. We scoured the archives for the one we originally posted in the Bug of the Month for April 2008 posting.

Update: (04/12/2008)Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thank you SO much for making the Carpet Beetle April’s bug of the month! We have been in this house for 3 springs now and have wondered what on earth those little things are! It’s nearly impossible to find info online for one bug out of millions! I have a question… I looked up info on what they eat, the larvae that is. It said they like wool carpet. Our carpeting is made from recycled milk cartons! We do have a pet rabbit, but the bugs tend to stay in our daughter’s room, which the bunny is only allowed in on occasion. What could they be eating that keeps them coming back each spring? Again, thanks so VERY much! You have really satisfied a curiosity of mine and my husband’s (who, by the way, thought they were some bizarre kind of tick or flea!) Sincerely,
Southern California

Hi Crystal,
Your letter is the second thanks we have received since making the Carpet Beetle the Bug of the Month. That is always a tough decision, and we almost chose the Striped Morning Sphinx. We have also gotten numerous requests for that identification. Your letter did not indicate if you are finding the adult Carpet Beetles or the larvae in your daughter’s room. If the adults, they could fly from the larval feeding source. If you have rabbits, they will probably shed and the larval Carpet Beetles will eat the shed fur. They will also feed on other pet hair and human hair that gathers in corners and under beds.

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11 Responses to Bug of the Month: April 2008 – Carpet Beetle

  1. dryan993 says:

    I have the larvae in my apartment. I read that they do feed on pet hair and it is spring and I have a shedding cat.He is the one who actually found the little larvae. I think I may have wool carpet as well. However I do want to know what I can do to get them out of my apartment. Help!

  2. its Otto says:

    I found larve in my bedroom a few months ago…ick…from a cats hair ball. Now I am finding adults….I vacuumed them up, combed the baseboards and closets. I still see a few every day, but getting less and less. Found a indoor outdoor bug spray at Wal Mart to treat for Carpet Beetles. How long before they are gone?

  3. Lisa says:

    I found what I think is carpet Beatle larvae. They are tiny and don’t move when I see them. I found them by my kitchen sink, in my closet and bathroom. I have a photo but don’t see an option to post for verification. Please help, thank you!!

  4. michelle a cuneo says:

    this is the beetle i have…the carpet beetle….looks just like it anyway…i have boxes of stored items of all different household items since i am getting rid of clutter and moving soon…would these beetles feed on the boxed stuff in my basement?? the beetles are upstairs in my window sills….i have thrown everything in the pantry area away close by…can’t find them anywhere else…could they be coming in from outside…???

  5. Alivia says:

    I found one of these on my bed a few weeks ago, and found another one on my bed this afternoon. My room is one of the only carpeted rooms in the house, and we have two dogs so I’m guessing there must be more in here. What is the best way to find them and get rid of them? Please help!

  6. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    I found these bugs around my window sill Aswell as the floor but I don’t have carpet I would find them on clothes, I have a bag of clothes in cupboard could it be from there? The seem very sparse like only 2 or 3 at a time, but I see them often vacuum then I will see a random one! What can I do Aswell as vacuuming to take care of this problem please.

  7. Bailey Lopez says:

    Im not sure if I saw one of these on my window sell. I did not really get to look at it because my normal reaction is just to sqwash it but now Im curious of what it could have been. So far I have only found one i believe and it was in my room on the window sell. I really hope I do not get more of these bugs in my room… 🙁

  8. Gracie says:

    my parents are saying its just a few beetles but i know ther are these bugs what do i do

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