green spider
I found this guy by my house door yesterday. He is about the size of a dime and very fragile. Tried looking for a name and had a hard time finding one. I think he is a green lynx spider, but the images I have seen show them as pretty large. Any clue?
Aaron Ansarov

Hi Aaron,
This is a Jumping Spider known as the Magnolia Green Jumper, Lyssomanes viridis. Your copyright information has all but obliterated the magnificent large jaws of this male specimen. The common name arises from this spider’s habit of waiting for prey while resting on broad green leaves like those of the magnolia.

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  1. Mariano Sana says:

    I found one exactly like this on Vanderbilt campus today! It was also on a (black metal) rail, and as my phone approach her, she seemed to be keen on jumping. Then I got to my office and looked it up and found this page. Thank you for letting me know what it was! I have a photo, but I don’t see how to attach it. Cheers.

    Mariano Sana, Nashville, TN

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