Taiwan Caterpillar ID
Hi WTB people,
I found the following caterpillar methodically devouring my hibiscus plant (on my 14th floor apartment deck in Taichung, Taiwan). I am wondering if you can identify it for me?
Thanks so much for the time
Brent Wilken

Hi Brent,
This is some species of Tussock Moth, but we can’t tell you the exact species.

Update: (03/06/2008) Tussock Moth Caterpillar from Taiwan
Hi, the Tussock Moth Caterpillar from Taiwan looks very similar to the species Dasychira mendosa Hubner. Some nice photos (both adult moth and caterpillar) can be found here: http://gaga.jes.mlc.edu.tw/new23/9410/007.htm The mandarin description says the caterpillar of D. mendosa feeds on Water Lily, Ixora, and Acacia confusa (a perennial tree native to Asia). Other webpages also mention rose, citrus, camellia, soy, and sweetgum as possible food plants –a really wide range of variety! best,
PS.The website above is a pretty good online bug guide for identifying all sorts of critters in Taiwan; the contents are all in mandarin, but Latin names are provided; index page at http://gaga.jes.mlc.edu.tw/new23/cp021.htm

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