Golden tortoise beetle
Hi there!
I am from the Philippines and I love insect photography. These last couple of weeks, I have been taking photos of golden tortoise beetles. Some are here: in this set. I don’t know the exact name of this kind of tortoise beetle. Those spots on the edge of their shell make them different from these beetles: Could you help me find out the exact species name? Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Maria Jesusa Laakso

Hi Maria,
Your Tortoise Beetles are beautiful. There are certain species in the U.S. that are metallic in coloration and they are sometimes called Goldbugs. Tortoise Beetles belong to the tribe Cassidini. We located another image of your species on Flicker, but without a scientific name. One click away we identified Aspidomorpha miliaris on a Tortoise Beetle page. It is also called the Spotted Tortoise Beetle and the Fool’s Gold Beetle. It is great that you have also included an image of the spiny larvae of the Spotted Tortoise Beetle

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