What Kind of Spider is This?
I friend has this spider in his house in LA, California, see attachment. What kind is this, it looks to be over 2″ in length.
Craig Baugher

(03/01/2008) i officially have the creeps
this photo has given me the willies, big-time: could it be real? enhanced? photoshopped? just tell me it’s nowhere in north america.

Hi Craig and Nick,
Interestingly, you both sent us the same photo for identification. This is a female Giant Crab Spider in the family Sparassidae, probably the genus Olios. Nice image of the maternal behavior. We have read that the mother spider shares prey with her spiderlings. We are so intrigued with this image, and also amused that two different people requested the identification, so we decided to make it our Bug of the Month for March. By the way Nick, Craig says it was photographed in Los Angeles. Giant Crab Spiders in the genus Olios are shy, nocturnal hunters and they are harmless. They will actually help rid a home of cockroaches.

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5 Responses to Bug of the Month: March 2008 – Giant Crab Spider with Spiderlings

  1. Christina says:

    Fire. About the only thing that comes to mind with this picture. LOTS. OF. FIRE.

    I would abandon my home, and belongings….WOW.

    • bugman says:

      We cannot say for certain that we received this image from anyone authorized by the photographer, but it has since become something of an internet sensation by going viral. The original person who submitted the image claims it was shot in Los Angeles, but again, we are not certain.

  2. Syed Samama says:

    …i like spiders… =)

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