Hi Bugman,
I work for Russell Cave and we try to get pictures of all critters that we see here and make a photo album out of them. I have 2 caterpillars that I can not identify. I have looked at your site and found some similar but no luck. Could you please help. Thank you very much,

Hi Mary,
Though we don’t receive as many letters in February as we do in the summer, we are a bit behind in responding. Your green caterpillar is a Nason’s Slug Caterpillar, Natada nasoni. Handle with care since Slug Caterpillars have stinging spines. Your other caterpillar appears to be one of the Noctuid Moths, a very large family of moths. We did a cursory search on BugGuide, but properly identifying this caterpillar might take hours, and still prove unsuccessful.

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